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saving a few bucks

Not that I am promoting smoking or anything. But for those of you who chose to smoke my husband and I have found it a lot cheaper to make our own cigarettes rather than buying them.It cost us about a dollar or so for a pack now. A lot cheaper than buying them in the store. It is a little expense at first to buy a cigarette rolling machine. The machine pays for itself in the end after you have rolled a few packs. If it would not have been our decision to start rolling our own I/we would not be able to smoke.


It’s amazing how many different ways there are to make extra money online. You just have to look around and do your research. We have been finding more everyday.  Some work some don’t. All depends really on how much time and effort you put into it.

First about us

My husband and I have been searching for a way to find steady supplemental income from home. We have been searching for several months to try and find a way to do this without a huge financial investment. My husband and I both work odd hours we are newlyweds and would like to spend more time together.  Countless hours searching the web only to find (and just for a one time fee), or (you could make thousands overnight) headlines.  As much as these lines can amp up a persons spirits, we found these to be untrue.  We have found a few companies, which are listed here that are absolutely free to join.  Yes, there is work involved and Yes, you could spend a small investment if you wanted to depending on how far you wish to pursue the venture.   We have joined absolutely free of no charge and very pleased with our results so far.  You can also purchase products on these sites, which we have, and we have saved money.  Also by purchasing items on these sites we have gained points and/or bonuses which can be redeemed for cash.  These programs we have found not to be some overnight get rich scheme.  We have done several reviews while researching these companies and have yet to find negative, just positive feedback.  We have referred several family members, and now they are too pleased with what they have found.  We have included several links for you to review on our blog, which we feel you will find helpful.  If you decide to join our growing family of members, you to should see the amazing results you can achieve and the power of saving money too.  Please keep us updated on your progress, check back and review our blog and together we all can grow financially stronger if not completely independent. Furthermore there is commisions paid to you by referring family members, friends, and by just having someone purchase an item from you that you recommended.  We hope you find the same way for extra income and for saving money as we have.

Thank you, God bless,
The Hughes’                               

Making money at home

Today it has been a week since my husband and I have been working on a way that we can work from home and to save extra money. We have looked at all kinds of work from home websites on the net. Then we found something that seems promising.  There was no money upfront.  Its could be promising for our future. Now we have to learn a few things to get this rolling.  Daily I will be trying to post our progress on here and links that might help others who would like to work from home.