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Americana Pappy Rocker

100_7414Just something wanted to share. It’s a rocking chair with Pappy written on back and Americana stars going down the back.

Wooden trivet for Table

Well this weekend my husband decided he was going to be a little creative and make me something beautiful and useful and decorative in less than an hour.
Last week we got a few bundles of stakes for FREE, originally they were going to be used to make me a few wooden stars, but turned out to be used for something else.
We were in the middle of making the stars and they just were not coming out the way we wanted, think the stakes were a little too thick, so my husband was brain storming for something different to make with the stakes.  I ran to the store to get some shorter nails and a few other things. In that short of time less than an hour, he had come up with his design and made it.  This morning he stained it and wrapped the ends of it with some material we had here. He also took same material and made it so I can hang it on wall when not in use.

He said we are always looking for something to put hot stuff on the table so he thought he would make this thing, no idea what to call it but it holds my hot dishes and the silverware on the table or counter where ever I want to use it. and when it is not in use I can hang it on the wall.  
All and any thoughts, comments on this will greatly be appreciated. So please leave me some. 

This was in my email this morning thought it was pretty interesting how if people put their creative minds to use that they can come up with some pretty awesome things.

The Ginger Penny Pincher

Happy Friday, everyone! This week’s “Things That (P)inspire Me” post features upcycled plastic bottles. Click on the image for a link back to the original website (and many of these have tutorials as well).

This first one is a less than stellar picture I took, but when I saw it at an art installation at the cathedral of St. John the Divine in NYC, I couldn’t pass it up (even though the light wasn’t very promising.) The rest of these pics were (fortunately) not taken by me.


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No crafting for me

Well this past weekend I did not have the chance to even start one project I wanted to get done. We were so busy at the trailer, putting tires on, moving blocks, tearing down the porch (which we couldn’t save), tearing out old carpet, and spackling, I didn’t do any crafting. Only thing I really got to do was make some apple dumplings. They turned out good. Husband took some to work this morning then sent me a text saying the guys at work wanted some, so now gotta make more tomorrow.
About my porch tried to salvage as much as possible of the wood. Either for a new porch or for my crafting stuff. A lot we had to get rid of some of it was bad others was because right now we have no place to put it.
Hoping to get some more content on here soon. Everyone have a great week!

Busy weekend

This weekend I’m gonna try and get a few of my projects done that I have been thinking about. I have a vintage console table that I would like to paint, an old window frame (not sure what to do with that yet), and a bookshelf for my step-sons’ bedroom. I have been doing a lot of my projects for a newer bigger place that I can actually decorate.

I have to try and fit all this stuff in while also going to where our new place is located and tear down the porch so it can be moved.

Little update as people don’t know about my new place. My husband and I live in a very small and old trailer on a private. Well back in December we purchased a newer one that needs moved. We actually got a very good deal on it.  It is 32 years newer than our existing one, it came with all the appliances, 2 sheds, central air, a new oil tank and a huge porch. Our purchase price was $3000.00.  It needed cleaned as the previous owner was a hoarder, just like you see on the TV show Hoarders and had several animals living in the trailer. It was bad. But my husband is a very good hard dedicated worker in getting things done.

In the next few weeks it is going to be rough around here. Saturday the 25, the new place is being moved to our lot.  Then we have to move our existing trailer on to our drive way while we dig holes and pour concrete for the footers. While our other one sits in the back yard before it can be moved into permanent spot.

Once we get everything done in the place I will be posting before and after picks of what we had done to get the trailer ready to move into.

Have a great weekend everyone!

So Many Ideas Such Great Talent

I’m re-posting this from my other blog Subdivisions of Elly
I have been searching the net reading craft blogs and the such and I believe I’m becoming obsessed with it. I will have 3 windows open with 10 tabs open on each one. Just reading and following and bookmarking. All I want to do is search and look. There are so many wonderful ideas out there that I want to make for my new place.  So many of you have such great talent and imaginative minds. A lot of you could make money from your crafts and ideas. If only I was so lucky to have the creative minds that you all possess. I look at your stuff and copy it. Well not exactly but the idea.  When I post things that I do I will credit those of you where the idea came from. If I can not remember where it came from I apologize.
To all my inspiring crafters Two thumbs up!
I truly wish I could be as talented as you guys all are!