Great finds

Last week I spent my time helping my uncle clear out an estate. He owns a used item store and he goes around getting stuff for his store. When he told me that I could have things either from the estate or his store I was ecstatic. And since my husband and I both love primitive and Americana decor I’ve been going nuts looking for stuff. I love free and cheap stuff, so I’ve been gathering stuff from my uncle and looking on the net at Craigslist and for cheap and free. My uncle has numerous items that I can use to put in my new place. Some things I wanted to re-purpose other items use as they are. Ever since my husband and I new we were getting a new place that I could actually decorate I have been searching the net for inexpensive ways to decorate.   I asked my husband last night if he thought I was starting to be a hoarding his reply, “Yes“. My problem is that I have really no place to store the stuff until we get the new place.

Well anyway in the estate finds I got an older rocking chair, an old dresser to redo, a vintage console table that needs a top and a larger book-case thing, and various other items. Can’t wait to start my projects.

I will share my progress with each one hope they all turn out as I expected!


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