So Many Ideas Such Great Talent

I have been searching the net reading craft blogs and the such and I believe I’m becoming obsessed with it. I will have 3 windows open with 10 tabs open on each one. Just reading and following and bookmarking. All I want to do is search and look. There are so many wonderful ideas out there that I want to make for my new place.  So many of you have such great talent and imaginative minds. A lot of you could make money from your crafts and ideas. If only I was so lucky to have the creative minds that you all possess. I look at your stuff and copy it. Well not exactly but the idea.  When I post things that I do I will credit those of you where the idea came from. If I can not remember where it came from I apologize.

To all my inspiring crafters Two thumbs up!

I truly wish I could be as talented as you guys all are!


4 thoughts on “So Many Ideas Such Great Talent

    1. EllyHughes Post author

      Definitely do lose hours. Time just seems to fly when I’m on here reading blogs and the such but goes very slow at other things. Hope you keep stopping by and find something of interest.


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