Wooden trivet for Table

Well this weekend my husband decided he was going to be a little creative and make me something beautiful and useful and decorative in less than an hour.
Last week we got a few bundles of stakes for FREE, originally they were going to be used to make me a few wooden stars, but turned out to be used for something else.
We were in the middle of making the stars and they just were not coming out the way we wanted, think the stakes were a little too thick, so my husband was brain storming for something different to make with the stakes.  I ran to the store to get some shorter nails and a few other things. In that short of time less than an hour, he had come up with his design and made it.  This morning he stained it and wrapped the ends of it with some material we had here. He also took same material and made it so I can hang it on wall when not in use.

He said we are always looking for something to put hot stuff on the table so he thought he would make this thing, no idea what to call it but it holds my hot dishes and the silverware on the table or counter where ever I want to use it. and when it is not in use I can hang it on the wall.  
All and any thoughts, comments on this will greatly be appreciated. So please leave me some. 

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