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Mod Podge loves a lot

Mod podge is now one of my loves in crafting. There is so much, many crafts that you can do with this wonderful adhesive stuff. Sure glad I came across the brown paper bag floor craft. It opened a whole new world of crafting to me.
One of the best sites I came across is Mod Podge Rocks. I’m sure there are many more decoupaging sites out there that I will stumble upon in my crafting adventures.
So far here is what I’ve made with mod podge.

My best Mod Podge  project so far!
Mod Podge comes in a variety of formulas:
Fabric, gloss, hard coat, matte, outdoor, satin, sparkle and dimensional magic. Pick your project, pick your formula. Get crafting!

Console table with craft paper top

This console table came out absolutely beautiful. I took the idea from brown paper bag flooring and applied the same techniques to the top of a console table that I did not like the top on it. I give detailed instructions on my other blog so much work writing it down twice.

Here is a list of materials that I used for this craft paper project.

 Black paint or your choice of color
sand paper to get off rough edges and loose paint
sand paper for fine sanding scuffing
mod podge
brown paper bag or craft paper torn into pieces
polyurethane (gloss)
sponge brush or your fingers like I used for gluing the paper
trim brush or your choice of brush for painting
sponge brushes for applying poly
your choice of main paint for base
some wood stain (I used red mahogany)
time and patience

Onesies Makeover

Did you ever wonder what to do with your babies Onesies undershirt when it still fits in the arms but not in the length ? Or how to make potty training a little easier without the hassle of the onesie dangling down into the toilet water.

Don’t just throw out those Onesies undershirts re purpose them into new shirts. The other day I was at my daughters and she was getting my granddaughter dressed and she started cutting the bottom of a onesie off. She was making the onesie into just a shirt. Too short and in the way for potty training. You see my granddaughter is 23 months and is wanting to potty train herself and wants to sit on the toilet all the time. So she cut the bottom half off just at the leg area and now has a new shirt. It doesn’t have to be sewn if you don’t want but if you would sew a hem it would have to be a small one you don’t want to make it too shirt. I never thought of that when my kids were growing up.

Wonderful household tips for using things that people basically have just laying around. I couldn’t believe the ideas for using tooth paste, coffee filters, salt, my hair dryer, etc.

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Shed moving a flop!

As many of you know I was going to be having my trailer and Amish built shed moved this weekend.Not my shed but one almost just like it.

Well moving the stuff is not going so good.  The shed was the first thing that got moved yesterday and when it arrived to our property the mover said he could not put it in our yard. We have been having rain and the yard is soaked. He told us he dug up the yard where he picked the shed and did not want to chance it here. It cost us $350.00 to move it here but now it is gonna cost us another hundred to have them bring it back when the yard dries up. No saving money here. Hopefully we will be able to get the trailers moved around this morning even though we had all that rain.

To make things even more difficult, for us when my husband was jacking the existing trailer up to put the tires on the axles it pinched one of the water lines and moved the sewage pipe. Moved the toilet inside also. So then he had to unhook our water and sewage pipes from our existing trailer. He sent me to the hardware to store to get piece of something for water line which cost $10.00, for a little tiny piece. As he was trying to hook the water back up something else broke. So he then had to run back to store and get more stuff. There goes another $15.00, unbeknown to me they gave me the wrong piece the first time.

It was raining, it was dark and it was cold. He was getting mad but said he just has to think that it will all be worth it.