Monthly Archives: May 2012

Thirty-one newbie consultant

That’s me. I’ve recently joined a direct sales company that I just love.  I wanted to start a home based business and well here it is. I’m so excited to get started just waiting for my starter kit to arrive any day now.  And how it all started was, I met this lady off facebook when I posted free windows. So glad she came and got those windows.  If it would not have been for her coming to get the windows I would not have learned about Thirty-one and I would not have met a new friend hopefully that lasts for a lifetime.

I will be posting the monthly specials and more details about the products as I discover more about them myself.

If you would like to order or even just check out the site go to my personal site at or send me a message.


Beautiful May Sky in PA

The sky was just absolutely beautiful last Saturday.  These pics were taken with my cell, not sure if it captured the beauty that I could see.