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Out of the Darkness- Walking for a Cause

Being Human

afsp-logoSo awhile back, I joined this cool page via a very well-known social network. It was a page in which people of a certain occupation could share stories, gripes, tips and tricks, blah blah blah… And it’s great. During my perusing of this page, I came across this awesome lady raising money for a great cause, and for very personal reasons.

Brenda (not a codename, this time) is raising money for the Greater Lycoming Out of the Darkness Walk, sponsored by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. She is walking in memory of her son, Scott, and also one of her co-workers. This is obviously a cause she is very passionate about; and I can understand why- but I have come to realize that I am, too.

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How To Make Ribbon Flip Flops!

This was such a great idea

The Frugal Crafter Blog

This project is easy. I’m talking 10 minutes to a new pair of shoes easy. Grab a pair of flip flops for every member of the family and some spools of ribbon and let everyone make their own! If you want some truly wonderful ribbon check out Papermart, they have the softest, highest quality ribbon at super low prices! See how easy they are to make:

Supplies I used:

Camo Ribbon

Flip Flops (Dollar Tree)

Gorilla Brand Super Glue

Optional: Aileen’s Jewel It glue if you want to glue on any embellishments to the ribbon. Allow plenty of drying time.

You can do this project with scouts, campers, kids and adults! Feel free to embellish the front of the flip flops (at the intersection where the straps meet) with buttons, silk flowers, rhinestones or charms!  There is nothing like wearing something you made yourself! Thanks for stopping by and…

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As a Christ-follower, I am often exhorted to love strangers like family, but I say that sometimes we also need to love our family like strangers. I am gently reminded of this truth each time my husband comes home after I’ve hosted a luncheon or shower. Whether or not he knew I was having guests that day, he knew I’d had guests that day. Know what I mean?  The carpets are vacuumed, the wood floors are swept, the surfaces are clutter free and de-sticky-fied, the bathrooms are shiny, the kids’ beds are made, the fridge is stocked.

We go to pretty great lengths when people–be they friends or strangers–come to our homes. We prepare.

And I’m not suggesting we keep our houses show ready for whenever hubs walks in the door, but wouldn’t it be really special, wouldn’t it be just a small slice of amazing if we…

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Crotch rocket lettering

So I got my Cricut expressions2 machine a few weeks but have not got to make anything with it until today. My son has been bugging me to try it out. He wanted decals for his crotch rocket motorcycle rims before he went away. So needless to say his charm on me worked again.