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Wonderful household tips for using things that people basically have just laying around. I couldn’t believe the ideas for using tooth paste, coffee filters, salt, my hair dryer, etc.

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Shed moving a flop!

As many of you know I was going to be having my trailer and Amish built shed moved this weekend.Not my shed but one almost just like it.

Well moving the stuff is not going so good.  The shed was the first thing that got moved yesterday and when it arrived to our property the mover said he could not put it in our yard. We have been having rain and the yard is soaked. He told us he dug up the yard where he picked the shed and did not want to chance it here. It cost us $350.00 to move it here but now it is gonna cost us another hundred to have them bring it back when the yard dries up. No saving money here. Hopefully we will be able to get the trailers moved around this morning even though we had all that rain.

To make things even more difficult, for us when my husband was jacking the existing trailer up to put the tires on the axles it pinched one of the water lines and moved the sewage pipe. Moved the toilet inside also. So then he had to unhook our water and sewage pipes from our existing trailer. He sent me to the hardware to store to get piece of something for water line which cost $10.00, for a little tiny piece. As he was trying to hook the water back up something else broke. So he then had to run back to store and get more stuff. There goes another $15.00, unbeknown to me they gave me the wrong piece the first time.

It was raining, it was dark and it was cold. He was getting mad but said he just has to think that it will all be worth it.

Busy weekend

This weekend I’m gonna try and get a few of my projects done that I have been thinking about. I have a vintage console table that I would like to paint, an old window frame (not sure what to do with that yet), and a bookshelf for my step-sons’ bedroom. I have been doing a lot of my projects for a newer bigger place that I can actually decorate.

I have to try and fit all this stuff in while also going to where our new place is located and tear down the porch so it can be moved.

Little update as people don’t know about my new place. My husband and I live in a very small and old trailer on a private. Well back in December we purchased a newer one that needs moved. We actually got a very good deal on it.  It is 32 years newer than our existing one, it came with all the appliances, 2 sheds, central air, a new oil tank and a huge porch. Our purchase price was $3000.00.  It needed cleaned as the previous owner was a hoarder, just like you see on the TV show Hoarders and had several animals living in the trailer. It was bad. But my husband is a very good hard dedicated worker in getting things done.

In the next few weeks it is going to be rough around here. Saturday the 25, the new place is being moved to our lot.  Then we have to move our existing trailer on to our drive way while we dig holes and pour concrete for the footers. While our other one sits in the back yard before it can be moved into permanent spot.

Once we get everything done in the place I will be posting before and after picks of what we had done to get the trailer ready to move into.

Have a great weekend everyone! Classifieds: Ceramic Tiles 6×6 (Never Used) Classifieds: Ceramic Tiles 6×6 (Never Used). These are a set of  gray with white specks ceramic tiles that were never used. I don’t have any use for them. I could possible ship them but unsure of the shipping cost. Buyer would have to pay for the shipping.

Terrific Hyner View

Yesterday my husband took my step son and me on a drive. He never tells us where we are going, just says for us to sit back and enjoy the view as we drive. We never know where we will end up.  Although it is always some place interesting. Well I’ve lived in Central Pennsylvania all my life and have never been to Hyner View.

Hyner View


It’s an absolutely beautiful scene!  I can’t wait to see the view in the fall. I love the colors of the leaves in the fall and all the scenery. You are up so high and everything looks so small down below.

On our way back home he also stopped to show us this waterfall that flows down off the mountain.  Pictured below.  Which I also love waterfalls.  I can’t wait for more road trips this year.

Mini Waterfall