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Let me show you how to simplify your life with Thirty-One products.


Thirty-One’s sizzling July

Save big with Thirty-One’s sizzling July 2012 Customer Special! For every $31 you spend in July, you can purchase one of five hot styles for a cool 5 bucks:

• Littles Carry-All Caddy — Save $7!
• Mini Zipper Pouch — Save $7!
• Zipper Pouch — Save $10!
• Thermal Tote — Save $13!
• Cinch-It-Up Thermal Tote — Save $19!

There’s more — personalization is just $5 all month!

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Rewards of hosting a Thirty-One Party


  1. Invite your guests to see how Thirty-One can help organize their homes and lives
  2.  Tons of fun and time with your girlfriends
  3.  Parties are a perfect addition to any social event on your calendar


  1.   Free and half-priced products
  2.   Exclusive Hostess products
  3.   Special Booking Bonus gift

Parties are easy to host. Schedule yours today!


As a Christ-follower, I am often exhorted to love strangers like family, but I say that sometimes we also need to love our family like strangers. I am gently reminded of this truth each time my husband comes home after I’ve hosted a luncheon or shower. Whether or not he knew I was having guests that day, he knew I’d had guests that day. Know what I mean?  The carpets are vacuumed, the wood floors are swept, the surfaces are clutter free and de-sticky-fied, the bathrooms are shiny, the kids’ beds are made, the fridge is stocked.

We go to pretty great lengths when people–be they friends or strangers–come to our homes. We prepare.

And I’m not suggesting we keep our houses show ready for whenever hubs walks in the door, but wouldn’t it be really special, wouldn’t it be just a small slice of amazing if we…

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