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I love Upside down pineapple cake but if I make one I will end up eating the whole thing myself because my husband doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth. Thanks to Do it and How they found this recipe that I could make and possible freeze them so I can pop one out of freezer and enjoy when I’m craving upside down pineapple cakes.

Do It And How

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Check out the entire article and yummy recipe HERE

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Console table with craft paper top

This console table came out absolutely beautiful. I took the idea from brown paper bag flooring and applied the same techniques to the top of a console table that I did not like the top on it. I give detailed instructions on my other blog so much work writing it down twice.

Here is a list of materials that I used for this craft paper project.

 Black paint or your choice of color
sand paper to get off rough edges and loose paint
sand paper for fine sanding scuffing
mod podge
brown paper bag or craft paper torn into pieces
polyurethane (gloss)
sponge brush or your fingers like I used for gluing the paper
trim brush or your choice of brush for painting
sponge brushes for applying poly
your choice of main paint for base
some wood stain (I used red mahogany)
time and patience

Peg board

Last night someone gave me peg board. Now I’ve got to find something to do with it. If anyone has any ideas for me please let me know. Things I would like to do with it are things for the home. Organization or decorative. Hopefully I can find something creative to do with the peg board besides just hanging in a garage or shed for tools. Which has really been the only thing I knew they were used for.  Well when I come up with something I will be sure to share it with everyone.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Pendant Light

My husbands uncle gave me this light and I wanted to do something different with it for our kitchen. I search the net looking for something and walla.This is how we took a plain white pendant light and put an Oil rubbed bronze finish on it.

From this

We just disassembled the pendant light, wiped it down to make sure it was free of any dirt and oil.  Lightly sanded it with 220 grit paper.  Then my dear husband spray it with Metallic copper. Let dry to the touch.  Then sprayed on the Metallic oil rubbed bronze. He had to spray it a third time with the copper just lightly because the bronze was a little darker than what we wanted.  Preference is all yours.  Then let it dry overnight.

before painting

Then he put the fixtures back together and now we have a wonderful new pendant light for our kitchen.

Wonders of taking something old and turning it into something that looks new.

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